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A neurologist is a professional trained in the treatment and diagnosis of brain and spine problems. The primary care providers or specialists for other physicians are neurologists. Although they may recommend surgery, neurologists do not do surgery. Neurologists will monitor surgically treated patients and provide them follow-up care when the therapy includes surgery.

The brain is a specialty that neurosurgeons excel in. These medical experts are equipped to help people who have suffered head or spinal injuries, cerebrovascular disorders like brain aneurysms and blocked arteries in the neck that can cause strokes, birth defects, tumours of the brain and spine, and abnormalities of the peripheral nerves (in the face, arms, hands, legs, and feet), as well as birth defects.

A scientist having a fundamental understanding of neuroscience, a subfield of biology that deals with the physiology of neurons, their molecular biology, behavioural and psychological aspects in health and illness, neurological surgery, and rehabilitation, is known as a neuroscientist or neurobiologist. Researchers and developers of novel medications for neurological illnesses are among the basic responsibilities performed by neuroscientists. analysing experimental samples, Analyzing neural data theoretically and computationally, Creating experiments and managing teams of individuals in supporting roles collaborating with medical professionals to provide new medication experiments to consenting volunteers.

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