Treatment of nervous system-related visual disturbances, or visual disturbances that do not start in the eyes themselves, is done by the field of neurophthalmology, which is a subspecialty of ophthalmology and neurology. Activities connected to vision require about half of the brain. Neurophthalmologists specialise on issues involving the eyes, brain, nerves, and muscles and get specialised training in these areas. After earning their medical degrees, these doctors complete at least five years of clinical training. They often hold certifications in neurology, ophthalmology, or both. In order to identify and treat a wide range of issues, including neurological, ocular, and medical issues, neuro-ophthalmologists have specialised training. sudden eyesight deterioration or loss.

Visual hallucinations, Double vision or diplopia, Intractable headaches, Pupillary abnormalities (sluggish reaction, the difference in size of the pupils), Sudden onset of difficulties in identifying colors, Inability to tolerate bright light, Visual Field Defects, Squint or strabismus (especially adult onset)

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